June 9th, 2010

lost 4lbs at wi……… go again next week.!!!!!!!

4th payment…..

June 8th, 2010

went out for our IVA, 56 to go. What i love seeing is my little ticker on IVA forum showing how many yrs/months/days till it finishes. Off to London fri to see BON JOVI at the O2, having a overnite stay in a premier lodge. Weird though as mum offered to have DD thursday nite, as we travel down early fri morn. So got on internet to see how much for us to go on train thursday nite instead…..£90 just for one way tickets for us both. Only payed £48 return for the two of us 2 months back. As hubby said though, pre IVA we would have put that on a card and the extra nite in the hotel and just gone without any thinking. Thats what i do like about our life now, we always think is it worth it,rather than just do it!!!!!  First week on slimming world going well, spent a bit more on fruit than normal, but at least its on healthy stuf LOL.Have been buying from local greengrocer as they were alot cheaper than tesco. WI tomorrow, so fingers crossed i’ve lost weight 🙂

Lovely weekend camping………………

June 2nd, 2010

Feel so relaxed and “happy” with my life. Was surreal knowing it was all paid for, not putting on cards and only using cash……..well done us!!!!  Weather was okish, so ate at the pub a iccle more than expected, but had saved hard in last 3 months. Now back to saving like mad, getting out nest egg bigger and bigger!!! Came home to letter of scottish power saying they were putting our Direct Debit up by £25 a month,FFS. One quick phonecall and it was a huge mistake on there behalf, and DD staying the same as it was. Made me wonder how many people have received same type of letter,and done nothing!!!!!! Also joined slimming world today, i need to lose about 2st and have been trying to lose some weight on me own. But i have made decision to join a class, so here goes to slimmer me. Hubby holding me to it as he says £5 a week to get weighed i’d better lose………but thats given me more incentive.  🙂

SOOOO looking forward to our “MINI” holiday…………….

May 27th, 2010

off camping tomorrow for 5 nites, first 3 nites with friends then 2 nites/days on our own. I am so looking forward to it,we have saved so hard in the last 3 months. Not done without but really knuckled down, its the best feeling seeing our savings total going up!!! Mum gave us some money last weekend too,said to treat ourselves, so going to treat ourselves too this weekend. Were off to Flamingo land (But thats already paid for with tesco vouchers) and said we would treat ourselves to tea at the “mucky pub” a couple of nites!!!!!! Still got £600 saved in our “emergency” fund, just hoping this time next year i’m packing for holiday abroad if things go well. This is when i do feel we are achieving something, the way we’ve saved so hard and everything is payed for by us and not “bunged” on a card.The forecast is looking good for this weekend,last bank hol it was horrendous, sooooooooo cold!!!!! So here’s to fun,frolics and hopefully good weather!!!!!!

Free family rail card……

May 26th, 2010

Got this last month thur martin lewis website via daily mail. All in all it runs for 2 months……but means this weekend away it’ll only cost £5.80 for the 3 of us to go on the train to the sea side!!!!!!! I love martin lewis’s email that comes every wednesday, always something that catches my eye, plus it was one of his forums that first got us in touch with McCambridge and Duffy, was recommened on IVA forum. Its scary when i read some of the forums and people who are no better off,to be honest, on a IVA. Our life (at the mo) is so much better, thank god !!!!!Oh and managed another bargain on Ebay yesterday, got 3rd ticket for Alton Towers for £20……chuffed to bits….roll on summer holidays in August!!!!!! Got DD a money box tin from the £1 shop about 2 months ago and keep putting any change in my purse on a fri morn(payday for me) and this week Great grandad gave her £5 and Grandma £20, bless her she said straight away i’ll put it in my tin for my holidays!!! God love her 🙂

Bought Alton towers tickets………………..

May 24th, 2010

After my fun on ebay yesterday, got me thinking this morning, wonder if i could get our tickets for Alton Towers off there. Cause problem is when you book online you have to give a date your going to get then cheap ( @ £ 70 for one day pass for the 3 of us) other wise £38 each at the door(EEEEEEEEEKK!!) Were going to Derbyshire for a weeks camping in August and want to go to Alton, hopefully when weather is ok in that week, so if pre-booked and its raining say, you stilll have to go…..if you get my drift!!!!!!! WEll someone was selling 2 tickets for £50 which you can use anyday (plus you get a fast-track ticket for new ride THIRTEEN), so have bought them and hopefully emailed someone this morn about buying another for £20. So this means we can go any day of the week we’ll be in Derbyshire……….and have “cost” us nothing too since pay pal payed for us…..LOL. Another gorgeous morning this morn, not a cloud in the sky….but Mr Weather Forecaster has said its going to turn “cooler” this week, typical as were camping for 5 nites and the kids are on half term. Used our tesco vouchers to get us into Flamingo Land near where were camping, so thats a cheap day out next weekend!!!  Eh i love a bargain me 🙂


May 23rd, 2010

All in all made £139.30, have got to pay postage out of it……but OMG literally from clothes me and DD do not wear!!!!!! CHUFFED TO BLOODY BITS!!!! I bought hubby his fathers day present today thru paypal and treated me to a t-shirt and hoody top. Am watching some stuff for DD so all got goodys too!!! But got a iccle “nest egg” on pay pal now, will be starting soon looking for DD new school uniform. Also have said will start xmas shopping soon,i know its early but DD bday is mid Oct so not long to save after her Bday!!!!!Been another gorgeous day here, all BBQ’d out me now….LOL!!! Feeling sooooo positive at the mo, things are looking good!!!!!!!! Were off on a mini holiday this bank holiday, camping for 5 nites………sooooooo looking forward to it, lots of fresh air few beers with friends and lots of laughs, what more could we ask for!!!!!


May 22nd, 2010

Just off to bed and thought i’d check on my ebay account as stuff finishes tomorrow…………..£32:14p has our “Unused” stuff been  bid up to. Plus bid on a bathroom suite 99p………….got a electric shower for 99p other week……..due to spelling mistake………a bargain ebay queen moi!!!!!!!

Best mum in the world……..

May 22nd, 2010

My mum came today, and said she’s given us £250, she is just the best mummy in the world. This means our camping holiday in August is all payed for now. She knows all about our IVA, so was a lovely thought!!!!! Its been gorgeous here today, red hot, just like abroad….fingers crossed for a good summer!!!!!!

Gorgeous sunny morning………….

May 22nd, 2010

Been up since 6 all on me own, hubby and DD still dreaming, the weather is gorgeous,sunny, hot and not a cloud in the sky……mmmmmm makes me happy!!!!!!  Well Ebay going well, £25 has been bid on so far,most ends tomorrow. I’ve even put on DD old clarks shoes on, Grandma just bought her new ones. Some people paying upto a tenner for them on ebay. Well may as well try…….i’m a very good tryer…lol!!!!  Plus i always make a iccle on posting so working out that as well, prob defo made @ £10 so far on P&P!!! Found a website last nite that prints your own t-shirt (and you can use pay-pal) so going to get hubby t-shirt done for “Daddys” day of DD………..see learning all the time……pre-planning!!!!! Me and hubby managed to save £520 since end of march, this is our only savings and this first year were saving like mad. We don’t go without, but we’re not have luxurys if you get my drift!!!! It will be nice to think this time next year we’ll have enough saved, and not have that feeling that if anything goes wrong we have NO cards to fall back on,  just our savings.  Thats what got me, and still does, that we only have the money we get paid or savings to live off, NO more credit, but as each month ends i have a better feeling about life CREDIT CARD FREE. Plus in a ideal world i’d love us to get a week abroad next year. We always went all inclusive before, so that takes the heat off you for spending money whilst away. Friend told me about on the beach website. Children under 14 get free accomadation just have to pay for there flights. So had a look and the 3 of us could get away next June for @ £1000 All Incusive. So thats our incentive at the mo…………i always need a incentive to help me save, and the thought of us as a family going away for 7 days in the sun. All payed for up front is one hell of one for me. As well as the fact we need savings for everday emergenceys, so me and hubby decieded this first year to 18 months to knuckle down and save like mad so hopefully we got a canny nest egg for rainy days and “something out of the blue” things!!!!!! Well DD up now and sponge bob has come on the telly, there goes my peace and quiet, have a nice day all 🙂