Gorgeous sunny morning………….

Been up since 6 all on me own, hubby and DD still dreaming, the weather is gorgeous,sunny, hot and not a cloud in the sky……mmmmmm makes me happy!!!!!!  Well Ebay going well, £25 has been bid on so far,most ends tomorrow. I’ve even put on DD old clarks shoes on, Grandma just bought her new ones. Some people paying upto a tenner for them on ebay. Well may as well try…….i’m a very good tryer…lol!!!!  Plus i always make a iccle on posting so working out that as well, prob defo made @ £10 so far on P&P!!! Found a website last nite that prints your own t-shirt (and you can use pay-pal) so going to get hubby t-shirt done for “Daddys” day of DD………..see learning all the time……pre-planning!!!!! Me and hubby managed to save £520 since end of march, this is our only savings and this first year were saving like mad. We don’t go without, but we’re not have luxurys if you get my drift!!!! It will be nice to think this time next year we’ll have enough saved, and not have that feeling that if anything goes wrong we have NO cards to fall back on,  just our savings.  Thats what got me, and still does, that we only have the money we get paid or savings to live off, NO more credit, but as each month ends i have a better feeling about life CREDIT CARD FREE. Plus in a ideal world i’d love us to get a week abroad next year. We always went all inclusive before, so that takes the heat off you for spending money whilst away. Friend told me about on the beach website. Children under 14 get free accomadation just have to pay for there flights. So had a look and the 3 of us could get away next June for @ £1000 All Incusive. So thats our incentive at the mo…………i always need a incentive to help me save, and the thought of us as a family going away for 7 days in the sun. All payed for up front is one hell of one for me. As well as the fact we need savings for everday emergenceys, so me and hubby decieded this first year to 18 months to knuckle down and save like mad so hopefully we got a canny nest egg for rainy days and “something out of the blue” things!!!!!! Well DD up now and sponge bob has come on the telly, there goes my peace and quiet, have a nice day all 🙂

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