All in all made £139.30, have got to pay postage out of it……but OMG literally from clothes me and DD do not wear!!!!!! CHUFFED TO BLOODY BITS!!!! I bought hubby his fathers day present today thru paypal and treated me to a t-shirt and hoody top. Am watching some stuff for DD so all got goodys too!!! But got a iccle “nest egg” on pay pal now, will be starting soon looking for DD new school uniform. Also have said will start xmas shopping soon,i know its early but DD bday is mid Oct so not long to save after her Bday!!!!!Been another gorgeous day here, all BBQ’d out me now….LOL!!! Feeling sooooo positive at the mo, things are looking good!!!!!!!! Were off on a mini holiday this bank holiday, camping for 5 nites………sooooooo looking forward to it, lots of fresh air few beers with friends and lots of laughs, what more could we ask for!!!!!

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