Bought Alton towers tickets………………..

After my fun on ebay yesterday, got me thinking this morning, wonder if i could get our tickets for Alton Towers off there. Cause problem is when you book online you have to give a date your going to get then cheap ( @ £ 70 for one day pass for the 3 of us) other wise £38 each at the door(EEEEEEEEEKK!!) Were going to Derbyshire for a weeks camping in August and want to go to Alton, hopefully when weather is ok in that week, so if pre-booked and its raining say, you stilll have to go…..if you get my drift!!!!!!! WEll someone was selling 2 tickets for £50 which you can use anyday (plus you get a fast-track ticket for new ride THIRTEEN), so have bought them and hopefully emailed someone this morn about buying another for £20. So this means we can go any day of the week we’ll be in Derbyshire……….and have “cost” us nothing too since pay pal payed for us…..LOL. Another gorgeous morning this morn, not a cloud in the sky….but Mr Weather Forecaster has said its going to turn “cooler” this week, typical as were camping for 5 nites and the kids are on half term. Used our tesco vouchers to get us into Flamingo Land near where were camping, so thats a cheap day out next weekend!!!  Eh i love a bargain me 🙂

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