Free family rail card……

Got this last month thur martin lewis website via daily mail. All in all it runs for 2 months……but means this weekend away it’ll only cost £5.80 for the 3 of us to go on the train to the sea side!!!!!!! I love martin lewis’s email that comes every wednesday, always something that catches my eye, plus it was one of his forums that first got us in touch with McCambridge and Duffy, was recommened on IVA forum. Its scary when i read some of the forums and people who are no better off,to be honest, on a IVA. Our life (at the mo) is so much better, thank god !!!!!Oh and managed another bargain on Ebay yesterday, got 3rd ticket for Alton Towers for £20……chuffed to bits….roll on summer holidays in August!!!!!! Got DD a money box tin from the £1 shop about 2 months ago and keep putting any change in my purse on a fri morn(payday for me) and this week Great grandad gave her £5 and Grandma £20, bless her she said straight away i’ll put it in my tin for my holidays!!! God love her 🙂

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