SOOOO looking forward to our “MINI” holiday…………….

off camping tomorrow for 5 nites, first 3 nites with friends then 2 nites/days on our own. I am so looking forward to it,we have saved so hard in the last 3 months. Not done without but really knuckled down, its the best feeling seeing our savings total going up!!! Mum gave us some money last weekend too,said to treat ourselves, so going to treat ourselves too this weekend. Were off to Flamingo land (But thats already paid for with tesco vouchers) and said we would treat ourselves to tea at the “mucky pub” a couple of nites!!!!!! Still got £600 saved in our “emergency” fund, just hoping this time next year i’m packing for holiday abroad if things go well. This is when i do feel we are achieving something, the way we’ve saved so hard and everything is payed for by us and not “bunged” on a card.The forecast is looking good for this weekend,last bank hol it was horrendous, sooooooooo cold!!!!! So here’s to fun,frolics and hopefully good weather!!!!!!

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