Lovely weekend camping………………

Feel so relaxed and “happy” with my life. Was surreal knowing it was all paid for, not putting on cards and only using cash……..well done us!!!!  Weather was okish, so ate at the pub a iccle more than expected, but had saved hard in last 3 months. Now back to saving like mad, getting out nest egg bigger and bigger!!! Came home to letter of scottish power saying they were putting our Direct Debit up by £25 a month,FFS. One quick phonecall and it was a huge mistake on there behalf, and DD staying the same as it was. Made me wonder how many people have received same type of letter,and done nothing!!!!!! Also joined slimming world today, i need to lose about 2st and have been trying to lose some weight on me own. But i have made decision to join a class, so here goes to slimmer me. Hubby holding me to it as he says £5 a week to get weighed i’d better lose………but thats given me more incentive.  🙂

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