4th payment…..

went out for our IVA, 56 to go. What i love seeing is my little ticker on IVA forum showing how many yrs/months/days till it finishes. Off to London fri to see BON JOVI at the O2, having a overnite stay in a premier lodge. Weird though as mum offered to have DD thursday nite, as we travel down early fri morn. So got on internet to see how much for us to go on train thursday nite instead…..£90 just for one way tickets for us both. Only payed £48 return for the two of us 2 months back. As hubby said though, pre IVA we would have put that on a card and the extra nite in the hotel and just gone without any thinking. Thats what i do like about our life now, we always think is it worth it,rather than just do it!!!!!  First week on slimming world going well, spent a bit more on fruit than normal, but at least its on healthy stuf LOL.Have been buying from local greengrocer as they were alot cheaper than tesco. WI tomorrow, so fingers crossed i’ve lost weight 🙂

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